Our Beerwah TEAM

Aga - Oral Health Therapist

Aga studied and worked as a dentist in Poland. After taking a year off to travel around the world Aga and her husband decided they wanted to move and find a more suitable place for them to live. They fell in love with Australia, which has now become their home.

Aga graduated from CQ University as an Oral Health Therapist. This means that she is dually qualified in dental therapy and dental hygiene with extended adult scope. Aga is passionate about prevention and educating her patients so they will be able to maintain their natural teeth for life. She thrives on explaining procedures and gum disease in a way that is easy to understand for her patients.

She also loves to become friends with her young patients. As a mum of a very active daughter Sophie, Aga loves to spend time with her outdoors and read books to relax after a busy day.

Melissa "Mel" Aitken- Oral Health Therapist

Melissa Aitken, fondly known as Mel, has devoted 17 years to the dental industry.Her journey began as a dental assistant, where she acquired invaluable hands-on experience. Today, as an Oral Health Therapist, Mel brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our team.Hailing from various parts of Queensland, including Rockhampton, Brisbane, Mackay, and Toowoomba, Mel has an enduring affinity for the countryside. Her upbringing across these varied Queensland locales instilled in her a deep appreciation for community and warmth, traits she embodies every day in her interactions with patients.A proud alumna of Central Queensland University, Mel graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2016. Despite her relatively short time of 3 months at our practice, she has made a lasting impression on both staff and patients alike. What fuels Mel's passion for her work? The joy of putting patients at ease in what can often be an intimidating setting. She ardently believes in educating patients about their oral health, emphasizing prevention as the best cure.Outside the clinic walls, Mel leads a life as rich and fulfilling as her professional journey. A doting mother to two beautiful children, she juggles parenthood with her diverse interests. Music resonates deeply with her, especially the classic country tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s. An outdoor enthusiast, Mel frequently embarks on camping adventures and nurtures her beloved veggie patch with the same devotion she offers her patients. Through her extensive knowledge, calming presence with patients, and spirited approach to life, Mel is an invaluable gem in our dental community.

Natalie Moulton – Practice Manager

Natalie is a highly experienced practice manager at Woombye Dental, located on the Sunshine Coast. Originally from Newcastle, Natalie moved to the area seven years ago and has been working in the dental industry for over two decades. She holds a certificate III in Dental Assisting, which gives her an in-depth understanding of the clinical side of the practice.As a people person, Natalie loves meeting and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She is committed to providing patients with a welcoming and comfortable experience at the clinic, and she takes great pride in ensuring that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently. Natalie is a skilled communicator and enjoys collaborating with her team to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.With her years of experience, Natalie has a deep understanding of the nuances of the dental industry. She enjoys the variety of challenges that come with managing a dental practice, and she appreciates the fact that no two days are ever the same. Natalie's interests outside of work include sports, music, books, and fitness, which keep her energized and motivated both in and out of the office.Overall, Natalie's expertise, dedication, and warm personality make her an invaluable member of the Woombye Dental team, and she is committed to providing the best possible care to patients.

Rebel Sheppard – Business Manager

Meet Rebel Sheppard, the exceptional Business Manager at Woombye Dental. Rebel's Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting, has gifted her with a sharp eye for managing the financial aspects of the practice, while her experience as a mother and stepmother has taught her the importance of creating a warm and inclusive environment for all patients. Rebel is devoted to keeping up with the latest developments in oral health to ensure that Woombye Dental continues to deliver the highest standard of care to its patients. Outside of work, Rebel's family takes centre stage, with her three beautiful children, at the forefront of her priorities. She also has a keen interest in sports and entertainment, relishing in taking part in activities that her family enjoys. Rebel's friendly and compassionate nature makes her an indispensable member of the Woombye Dental team, and she is dedicated to providing patients with the utmost level of care and comfort at the practice.

Kate Fitzgerald - Dental Assistant

Kate grew up in Sydney and is one of our most experienced team members at Beerwah Dental. She has worked in the dental industry for over 26 years, holds a Certificate II in Dental Assisting, and has a Diploma in Practice Management.Our patients greatly appreciate Kate's calm and reassuring manner, and she is excellent at helping people who feel nervous or anxious feel more relaxed in the dental chair. As a mother of twins, Kate is especially good with children, relating to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and answering any questions using child-friendly terminology. Kate has never regretted her choice of career and loves working in a family-oriented practice, especially interacting with patients and getting to know them and their families. She finds it especially satisfying seeing patients benefit from good dental care, particularly when it restores their ability to talk, eat and smile confidently and comfortably.When not here at Beerwah Dental, Kate's hobbies include drag racing, and she enjoys country and rock music, or simply sitting quietly with a good book and spending time with her family. Kate loves to travel, especially exploring Australia. Kate is a keen baker, a hobby she became interested in when creating gluten-free birthday cake for her twins.

Jade Cash - Dental Assistant

Jade grew up in Kilcoy, Queensland. She loves her chosen career as a dental assistant, especially working in a people-oriented environment where she can use her skills and knowledge to help others. Jade has been working in the dental industry for over six years and is a valued team member. Jade is always cheerful, kind and caring, working hard to reassure anyone who feels a little anxious or nervous, ensuring they have a positive experience at every visit and soon feel at ease.

When treating patients, Jade finds it particularly rewarding helping to restore someone's oral health and their ability to smile. She has seen first-hand the difference this can make to patients' quality of life and their general sense of well-being. Patient education is an important part of our practice, and Jade especially enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, helping people maintain good oral health between regular checkups and cleanings. Jade is interested in all aspects of dentistry and enjoys attending ongoing education courses. She is dedicated to ensuring her skills and knowledge are always up-to-date, especially as dentistry is continuously evolving.

Away from dentistry, Jade loves spending time with friends and family, and she enjoys sports and is especially interested in fitness. A dedicated dog lover, you will often find Jade on the beach with her pooch, and she always enjoys hearing about patients' pets.