How Happy Are You with Your Smile?

Most people if they are honest, are not entirely happy with their smile. Here at Beerwah Dental, we often find people are concerned about stained teeth that look yellow or discoloured or have teeth that are crooked or overcrowded. Another common problem is missing teeth entirely. The good news is that numerous solutions can help to improve the appearance of your smile. Some treatments such as dental implants can even help to protect oral health.

Solutions That Could Help You

One of the most popular treatments is teeth whitening that can help remedy most problems with tooth discolouration or staining. Professional tooth whitening is safe and effective, and we offer in-chair treatments or custom home whitening kits. Teeth that are deeply stained or are perhaps chipped or worn may benefit from veneers. Made from a thin shell of tooth coloured composite resin or porcelain, a veneer fits over the front surface of a tooth, changing and improving its appearance. Orthodontic treatment can help teeth that are overcrowded and crooked. Adult oriented braces are virtually invisible and can often provide more cosmetically oriented results within a few months. Dental implants are the ultimate way to replace missing teeth, providing a long-term solution that looks and feels very natural.

Dec, 15, 2019