Looking After Those Pearly Whites Over Easter

The shops are packed full of tempting, chocolatey Easter goodies, and many of us will meet family and friends for the festivities and meals. It can be a bad time for teeth! We want you to enjoy Easter, but to be mindful of how it can affect your oral health. With a bit of care and attention, you can celebrate Easter without harming your teeth.

Why Is Sugar So Bad for Teeth?

We all know it’s bad, but why is this? When you eat something sugary, it feeds harmful bacteria in your mouth that produce weak acid as a byproduct. The acid softens and erodes your tooth enamel, eventually causing cavities. However, when you choose your Easter treats carefully and think about when you eat them, the damage to teeth is reduced.

Avoid Snacking

Avoid snacking continuously on Easter treats as it exposes your teeth to acid for longer. Instead, have your treats at the end of a meal, and even better, finish your meal with cheese. Cheese contains tooth hardening calcium and helps to fight those harmful bacteria.

Wait before Brushing

Don’t brush and floss your teeth immediately after eating but wait at least half an hour. Waiting allows pH levels in your mouth to normalise so your tooth enamel will re-harden slightly. When you brush immediately, your tooth enamel is softer and more easily damaged.

Mar, 25, 2020