your child’s FIRST VISIT

All of us here at Beerwah Dental love seeing children at Your Childs First Visit and we take lots of care to ensure their visits to our dentists in Beerwah are as interesting and as fun as possible. We suggest you bring them for their first visit soon after they get their very first tooth, or by age one. This is because it will help them get used to being in a brand new environment from a very early age and greatly reduces the chance they will grow up with dental fears or phobias.

What Will Happen at this First Visit? (Your Childs First Visit)

This first dental visit is simply a chance for you and your child to get to know us and we will just take a quick look in their mouth to ensure everything is normal. It is also a great opportunity for you to quiz us on dental care, especially if you are a new parent. We have lots of advice we can give you on how to make oral care at home as pleasant and as easy as possible for you both.Feel free to call us on (07) 5494 0766 or visit the practice at 2/7 Turner Street, Beerwah QLD 4519.