If you find you avoid smiling because your teeth look too short, giving you a ‘gummy’ appearance, then we can help you. A gummy smile is quite a common problem and can often be easily corrected with a small surgical procedure called crown lengthening. Ideally, you should show very little gum tissue when smiling or talking and your gums should nicely frame your teeth.

How We Can Help Correct Your Gummy Smile

Often teeth are simply covered up with too much gum tissue and will be just the right length underneath. By removing this excess gum tissue we can create a beautifully balanced and healthy appearance so you will be proud to smile. Sometimes this treatment is carried out prior to placing a dental crown, to restore a tooth that may have been badly damaged by disease or trauma.

Our dentists plan this type of oral surgery very carefully as it takes skill and experience to ensure just the right amount of gum is removed. Crown lengthening is very safe and we will make sure you are completely comfortable during the process. Our friendly dental team can provide lots of advice on aftercare while your gums settle down and heal and we are always here to help you. Once the healing process is complete you will be able to smile with complete confidence.

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