Our tooth fillings are fantastic for repairing small to medium sized cavities so you can bite, chew and smile with confidence. We take enormous care when placing these tooth fillings, ensuring only damaged tooth structure is removed and closely matching your new filling to the colour of your natural tooth. Often we will use several different colours to get the look just right. Once carefully shaped and polished, it should be virtually invisible and will protect your tooth from any further damage and infection.

How Long Will My Tooth Filling Last?

The materials we use are hardwearing and long-lasting and bond very strongly with natural teeth so it will be several years before your filling needs replacing. We do regularly check the condition of all our tooth fillings as no restoration will last forever and it is important to replace fillings as they become older and before they begin to leak or crumble.If you require a tooth filling, call us on (07) 5494 0766 or visit us at 2/7 Turner Street, Beerwah QLD 4519.