Mini dental implants are not the same as conventional implants as they are much narrower, are constructed very differently and are ideal in certain situations. They can be a good alternative to traditional dental implants and may be worth considering if you have already been turned down for more conventional sized implants or have been told you require bone grafting prior to treatment.

When Should I Consider Having Mini Dental Implants?

You might find we suggest using mini dental implants if space is a bit tight as they can be perfect for restoring small narrow teeth or for replacing front teeth. Mini dental implants are also ideal for securing loose dentures, making it easier for you to eat, speak and smile in complete confidence. By choosing mini dental implants you may be able to avoid the need for a bone graft and the actual process to place them is quite different from conventional implants as it is quicker and healing is faster.

How Many Mini Dental Implants Are Needed To Support Denture?

This is something best determined by our dentist during your initial consultation as it is dependent on how much bone you have and whether you intend to secure an upper or lower denture. Typically a lower denture will require fewer dental implants than an upper denture.

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