Quick Straight Teeth

If you have always wanted a straighter smile but didn’t fancy the thought of a complicated and long-winded treatment, Quick Straight Teeth could be a great solution for you. You could have a beautifully straight and attractive smile in as little as six months.

What is Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth is an orthodontic system used to correct a mild misalignment of the front 6 to 8 teeth using either braces or removable aligners dependent on which treatment is recommended.

Will My Quick Straight Teeth Braces be Visible?

Quick Straight Teeth use 3M brackets that are top quality tooth-coloured brackets and wires, which have a proven track record worldwide for their performance, beautiful aesthetics and they are nearly invisible in the mouth.

Most people won’t know you are wearing braces at all and the treatments can take as little as 6 months to complete.

Removable Braces

Have you ever wondered how to straighten teeth without using any metal braces? Quick Straight Teeth has a clear teeth straightening system that has been developed to be a quick, discreet and very cost effective alternative for patients not wanting traditional braces.

Unlike other invisible braces available, Quick Straight Teeth does not rely on one standard aligner. We have developed a range of unique Q Appliances, consisting of highly developed teeth straightening appliances.

Who Can Have Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth is one of the most widely used orthodontic systems in the world.

With an option to suit everyone, Quick Straight Teeth can boost your confidence, raise your self-esteem, and give you a winning smile.

To find out more about Quick Straight Teeth, or about any of our fantastic orthodontic options please contact us here at Beerwah Dental. You can call us on (07) 5494 0766. We are located at 2/7 Turner Street, Beerwah QLD 4519.