Sporting Season – Mouthguards and Why You Should Check Yours Fits Correctly

It’s the sporting season and if you or another family member loves playing sports, we urge you to make sure you use a well-fitting mouthguard. It’s upsetting to crack or chip a tooth, or even worse to lose a tooth entirely because of a sporting injury.

A custom mouthguard is affordable and provides maximum protection for your teeth and jaws and most importantly is comfortable to wear so it won’t affect your breathing. It’s far better than anything you can buy over-the-counter. Our mouthguards are made from a tough, high-quality thermoplastic material that is odour and taste-free. You can choose the colour or design, or opt for an entirely clear mouthguard if you’d like something a little more discreet. When cared for correctly, mouthguards can last a while, but it’s important to get their fit checked regularly.

We recommend bringing your mouthguard to your regular dental checkups so we can make sure it’s still providing the best level of protection. It’s especially important to get the fit of children’s mouthguards frequently checked because children’s teeth and jaws are growing and developing quite rapidly. A child’s mouthguard will need replacing more frequently to accommodate for these changes but it’s a small price to pay for protecting their mouth.

Feb, 12, 2020