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Your teeth are meant to last for life, but getting older can mean they require more attention as your dental needs change. Here at Beerwah Dental, we offer personalised dental care for older dental patients as we want to make sure you can enjoy good dental health by receiving the best and most appropriate dental care. Ageing can increase the risk of a number of different oral health problems but there are various things we can do to help.

What Type of Problems Can Affect Older Adults?

One common problem is dry mouth or xerostomia. This condition, caused by a lack of saliva can often be due to taking certain prescription medications or it can be worsened by the presence of certain diseases including Sjögren’s syndrome. Gum disease is another issue and while this is commonly caused by plaque it can be made worse by food build up in ill-fitting dentures and bridges, or by certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer and anaemia. Older people can have a diminished sense of taste and tooth loss can lead to an uneven jawbone due to bone resorption. Conditions such as arthritis can make brushing and flossing trickier.

There are lots of things we can do to help reduce the effects of ageing on your dental health. With good aged dental care in Beerwah, we aim to keep you eating and smiling with confidence.

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