Image Guided SURGERY

Image Guided SurgeryWhat Is Image Guided Surgery?

Image Guided Surgery is a way of ensuring your dental implants are inserted in exactly the right position in your mouth. Using Cone Beam CT scans of your mouth we will be able to plan your surgical procedure in minute detail, allowing us to design an optimal surgical treatment plan. This plan is then used to create a surgical guide which is a type of extremely precise template. The surgical guide will be used during the procedure to insert your dental implants, guiding us to ensure the implants are placed in exactly the right position and at the correct angle and depth.

Image Guided SurgeryA More Comfortable and Successful Treatment

We want to ensure that your dental implant procedure is successful and treatment planning is an important part of this process. By planning your implant treatment so precisely, we can reduce the risk of any complications. You will need to spend less time having your implants inserted as treatment will go that much more smoothly and comfortably.

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